Ride-Sharing Government Reporting

Example Customer

Ride-Sharing Companies

Data Owner

Ride-Sharing Companies

Data Users


Type of Data

Client Demographics, Frequency, Locations

Summary of Pain Point

Governments often want ride-sharing data for urban planning, charter monitoring, etc.

And ride-sharing companies want to protect the privacy of their users.

Summary of TripleBlind’s Solution

With privacy enhancing computation, TripleBlind enables reporting of ride-sharing data to governments, — while constraining queries to pre-approved queries only.

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TripleBlind’s innovations build on well understood principles of data protection. Our innovations radically improve the practical use of privacy preserving technologies, by adding true scalability and faster processing, with support for all data and algorithm types. We support all cloud platforms and unlock the intellectual property value of data, while preserving privacy and enforcing compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.