Genetic Data Brokering

Example Customer

Genetic Data Broker

Data Owner

Genomics Companies

Data Users

Pharmaceutical Companies

Type of Data

Genetic Sequence Data

Summary of Pain Point

Genetic data inherently contains PHI and PII, and cannot be anonymized fully, making sharing it difficult or impossible.

Pharmacies and drug developers need genetic data to produce life-changing drugs and vaccines.

Summary of TripleBlind’s Solution

Customers fluidly aggregate, package, and share genomic data with pharmacies and researchers, for use in drug and vaccine development.

TripleBlind’s privacy enhancing computation tools support Pharma customers’ big data analysis needs.

Each interaction enforces the appropriate privacy regulation (HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, Data Residency, etc.).

Pharmaceutical companies develop better drugs using a larger pool of de-identified genomics data. All parties reduce their liability and risk of data breaches.

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TripleBlind’s innovations build on well understood principles of data protection. Our innovations radically improve the practical use of privacy preserving technologies, by adding true scalability and faster processing, with support for all data and algorithm types. We support all cloud platforms and unlock the intellectual property value of data, while preserving privacy and enforcing compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.