AI Algorithm Training on X-Rays

Example Customer

Diagnostic AI Developers

Data Owner

Medical Imaging Centers

Data Users

Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Nursing Homes, etc.

Type of Data

X-Ray Image Data

Summary of Pain Point

Getting quality data for training is expensive, time consuming, and legally fraught.

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) are complex to negotiate.

Training data can be reverse engineered from AI models, exposing PII.

Summary of TripleBlind’s Solution

More quality data for training leads to more accurate models.

Easier HIPAA compliance – no more complex BAAs.

The TripleBlind Solution ensures that the original data cannot be reverse engineered. 

Source images are obfuscated and encrypted for safety, security, and compliance through privacy enhancing computation.

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TripleBlind’s innovations build on well understood principles of data protection. Our innovations radically improve the practical use of privacy preserving technologies, by adding true scalability and faster processing, with support for all data and algorithm types. We support all cloud platforms and unlock the intellectual property value of data, while preserving privacy and enforcing compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.