Privacy-Intact Remote Data Analysis

Blind Query

Learn from data without the liability of handling it

Blind Query provides customers the ability to analyze data and learn about and build summary reports on remote, protected datasets without ever needing to obtain or handle a copy of the raw data. Users can search, join, and run analyses including summary statistics on data that remains in place across multiple geographical or organizational silos. Because the data never moves, approved queries and reports are always run where the data resides, on demand, even when the request is made by an outside party.

What is Blind Query?

A set of functions for analyzing protected data

When datasets cannot be physically pulled together for analysis, due to regulatory or organizational barriers, data practitioners still need ways to learn from the data and to extract insights from it. Blind Query provides the solution.

How Blind Query Works

Blind Query works through a suite of tools for performing

Blind Analytics

Blind Stats

Blind Joins

Blind String Searches

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Blind Join

Join two or more datasets without seeing or revealing too much

Blind Join makes it possible to operate across multiple tabular datasets using SQL-like methods to identify rows with equal or similar (fuzzy) values and then extract other values on the same row to merge with your dataset, all without revealing anything about the non-matched data in any of the tables. Data providers control and permission exactly which columns can be extracted from their datasets for matching values.

What Makes Blind Join So Unique?

Big data requires software solutions which scale with the size of the data operations. Blind Join works on datasets big and small, so businesses do not miss a step when they scale up their processing.

Welcome to true, granular data asset control. Our users designate exactly which columns from their proprietary datasets can be returned during approved join operations. Requests for Blind Join operations which violate the acceptable terms are blocked.

Blind Join extends beyond exact matching. Users can calibrate the tolerance level to return partial or close matches. Data providers set rules for how much “fuzziness” is allowed, and the technology ensures those rules are followed every time.

Blind Join match columns

Blind String Search

Search text in tabular data for terms without seeing the actual data

Freely explore text data without exposing the raw data. Blind String Search allows users to find matches and generate summary counts without ever needing to look at raw data. Data providers are maximally protected, while data users can extract precisely the necessary and actionable information they need from the datasets – no more, no less.

Blind string

Blind Stats

Understand populations scattered across multiple remote datasets.

Blind Stats provides businesses with the ability to run statistical analyses on data that is distributed geographically or across different business units. 

Don’t move the data. Just gather the results and get to actionable insights faster.

Real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) are playing an increasing role in health care decisions.

– FDA on Real-World Evidence

Blind stats

Launch into Action

Understanding your study population is the foundational first step involved in all analytics. With Blind Stats, data practitioners can move through that step faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before, supercharging timelines and delivering value.

Analytics Ladder: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive

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More time validating, investigating, and solving important problems.

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Blind Compute

Mathematical techniques and privacy primitives used to execute a myriad of computations.

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Blind Data & Algorithm API

Our method of securely connecting and managing processes performed with the solution.

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Blind Data Tools

Data science tools your teams expect, like pre- processing and EDA, designed around privacy.

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Blind AI Tools

AI model training and inference, on distributed private datasets.

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Blind Query

Tools for learning from protected datasets without exposing private data.

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Blind Algorithm Tools

Allow easy distribution of models while maintaining full control over your IP.

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