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TripleBlind COO Greg Storm to Participate in Think Tank of Industry Leaders at Money20/20 Europe, Sept. 21


Greg Storm, Co-founder and COO, TripleBlind
Dave Birch, Global Ambassador, Consult Hyperion
Louise Maynard Atem, Research Lead, Women in Identity
Emma Lindley, Co-Founder, Women in Identity
Felix Gerlach, CPO & Co-Founder, Passbase
Katryna Dow, CEO and Founder, Meeco


On September 21, TripleBlind’s COO, Greg Storm will participate in a Think Tank at Money20/20 Europe based on the topic “The future is trustless. What do we need instead?” Storm will join other industry experts to discuss whether trust is an outdated concept or not, and how enterprises can trade and share data without trust.


If data is the new oil, it is not flowing correctly due to risks of unauthorized use, regulation, and compliance concerns. Unlocking private data sharing will lead to advancements in identity protection, fraud management, macroeconomic insights, and more in fintech.

TripleBlind provides zero-trust data sharing that allows enterprises or third parties to analyze and use data without ever seeing it or duplicating it.


Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Money20/20 Europe, Amsterdam
4:00 – 5:00 p.m. CEST


Participants can register for Money20/20 here.


Storm will be available for pre-event interviews, as well as interviews on-site at Money20/20. To coordinate, please email

About TripleBlind

TripleBlind unlocks the estimated 105 petabytes of data stored by enterprises today that are inaccessible and not commercialized due to privacy concerns, operational complexity and regulations. The company’s patented breakthroughs in advanced mathematics enable organizations to secure larger and more diverse data sets for innovating enhanced algorithms for medical diagnoses and improved anti-fraud initiatives in financial services. It is the only technology that enables enterprises to rapidly commercialize data while maintaining compute performance; enabling analysis of all data types, such as PII, PHI, genomic data, images, and confidential financial records; and enforcing all international and regional data privacy standards including HIPAA, GDPR, PDPR and CCPA.

TripleBlind is superior to existing solutions such as homomorphic encryption (slows compute performance), secure enclaves (siloes data), tokenization/masking/hashing and differential privacy (reduces accuracy), synthetic data (not real data), federated learning (limited use for algorithms), confidential computing (requires data centralization) and blockchain (not interoperable). Innovators including Accenture, the Mayo Clinic, and Snowflake trust TripleBlind to protect sensitive data. For an overview, a live demo, or a one-hour hands on workshop,


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