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Riddhiman Das to Participate in MIT Media Lab Panel on Health Data Privacy Press Release

TripleBlind’s Riddhiman Das to Participate in MIT Media Lab Panel on Health Data Privacy and Data Protection as an Enabler of Innovation


Riddhiman Das, Chief Executive Officer, TripleBlind, Mary Nunn, International Privacy Coordinator, Doctors without Borders, Shikha Jain, Asst. professor of Medicine and the Director of Communication Strategies in Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Ramesh Raskar, Assoc. Prof at MIT Media Lab, James Smalls, Senior Interaction Designer, IDEO.


On March 11, Riddhiman Das will discuss data privacy and data protection principles by sharing best practices to develop the future of innovative, inclusive and transparent digital health solutions. 

This event is Part 1 of the Institute’s “Healthcare: The Digital Revolution for More Resilient Societies” series.


Governments, NGOs, and private entities are playing distinct roles in the digitization of the healthcare sector. Privacy by design in digital health transformation and execution should be adopted as a guiding principle. The goal of this event is to provide leaders in the field with insights from data privacy and data protection experts operating in relevant fields.


Thursday, March 11, 2021
Health Data Privacy and Data Protection as an Enabler of Innovation
MIT Media Lab Events
11:30 am – 1:00 pm (CT)


Participants can register here.

About TripleBlind

Vast amounts of data stored by enterprises today are inaccessible and unmonetized due to privacy concerns and regulations. TripleBlind’s patented breakthroughs in advanced mathematics arm organizations with the ability to share, leverage and monetize regulated data, such as PII and PHI, and mission-critical enterprise data, such as tax returns and banking transactions. TripleBlind’s next-generation cryptographic, efficient and scalable privacy and data clean room replaces ineffective workarounds: complex legal contracts, data anonymization/ deidentification, and other technologies such as homomorphic encryption, without violating GDPR, HIPAA, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy regulations. Decision makers generate new revenue for their organizations by gaining new and deeper insights faster, creating improved modeling and analysis with better data, and collaborating more effectively with customers, partners and even competitors for mutual benefit. For more information, visit www.tripleblind.ai.