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TripleBlind Announces HIPAA Compliance for Its Cleanroom Solution

This week we announced that our rapid, efficient and cost effective data privacy and clean room solution has entered the $3.8 trillion health care market with the launch of a full suite of HIPAA compliant solutions. 

By eliminating manual anonymization and simplifying the compliance and legal processes around sharing data, healthcare organizations that use TripleBlind solutions can save significant amounts of time, resources and expenses. Additionally, TripleBlind’s patented automatic de-identification technology allows utilization of all the available data about a patient, including data elements that had to be stripped off during anonymization, without the possibility of identifying individuals through reverse engineering.

Riddhiman Das, co-founder and CEO of TripleBlind, said:

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“Some of the largest healthcare data breaches of the past five years have single-handedly impacted as many as 80 million people – almost all of those breaches were outright caused by, or made easier, due to decrypted data,” said Riddhiman Das, co-founder and CEO of TripleBlind. “The healthcare industry still has much work to do concerning properly protecting patient data. TripleBlind’s clean room solution removes most of the risk. It is the only solution that enforces HIPAA compliance with every API call and doesn’t just rely on good-faith adherence to BAA.”

TripleBlind encrypts, and never decrypts, data or algorithms, allowing only approved operations to be executed. Its virtual clean room ensures compliance for all collaborating parties as they never share raw patient data. On the other side, data scientists can perform all the operations they ordinarily would without the risk of working with raw data.To learn more about how TripleBlind’s suite of tools enable healthcare providers to safely provide and consume extremely sensitive data and algorithms in an encrypted space, visit the health care page on our website or read the full press release.