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Have a question about TripleBlind? We’d love to help. You can visit our support center by clicking the link below.

We’re here for anything you need, access point setup, configuration, SDK assistance, and more. Our expert team is available to diagnose issues and support your workflows.

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We’ll walk through example use cases to demonstrate how TripleBlind fits within your data strategy.

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Access troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and tickets. You can search our knowledge base for answers to common questions.

Support Handbook

Our handbook has been crafted to cover everything you need to know about TripleBlind customer support.

Everything you need to know
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Hours of Operation

The TripleBlind support staff is available during normal business hours by web, email, or phone.

Normal Business Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

An on-call Support Engineer is available to assist with critical issues 24x7x365. For details on contacting the on-call Support Engineer, please see the Out of Hours Support section in the Support Handbook.


Support Features

TripleBlind offers Technical Customer Support to ensure you have the service you need for the critical research, analysis, and model training enabled by TripleBlind.

✓ Customer Service by phone, email, or web portal
✓ Service response times within 24 hours
✓ Online ticket tracking
✓ Online knowledgebase

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TripleBlind keeps both data and algorithms in use private and fully computable. To learn more about Blind Learning, or to see it in action, please book a demo!