TripleBlind, Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Hi! I’m Anissa Khan, Software Engineer at TripleBlind, and today I’m excited to announce that TripleBlind is available to all Azure users.

Enterprises can now leverage TripleBlind to derive more value out of your data and algorithms.

In this video I’ll walk you through how to provision a Virtual Machine on your Azure instance, SSH into it, and then we’ll install a TripleBlind Access Point.

Let’s get started.

From the Azure Marketplace home page we’ll search for “TripleBlind” and click the card that comes up.

Here you’ll see a description of our offering as well as videos and materials that go into more detail about TripleBlind and how our solution works.

We’ll click “Get it now.”

A popup will present the various pricing options we offer.

And for this demo we’ll select the “30 Day Evaluation” from the dropdown and click “continue”.

On the next screen we’ll see some additional details that you can read through, but we’ll go ahead and click “create”.

Now we’ll walk through the Azure wizard to set up the Virtual Machine with the TripleBlind image we’ve provided.

Select a resource group, give it a name, select the region, the security type, and you’ll see the image is preselected to the 30 day Eval.

Next you’ll select one of the recommended sizes from the dropdown, and last you can set the username, SSH public key source, and key pair name to SSH into the VM.

Click “next” and go to the “disk” configuration where we’ll keep the standard selections and toward the bottom we’ll click “create and attach a new disk.”
The TripleBlind offering defaults to 1TB, but if you would like to change the disk size, you can click “change size” and for this demo we’ll use 128 Gigabytes, which meets the minimum requirement.

From there we’ll click “ok.” And then “next” to the “networking” step.

Here you’ll see the details of the virtual network, and the public IP to access the server. For this demo we’ll stick with the defaults but if you have specific configurations you can set those now.

To keep it simple, for the “Management”, “Advanced” and “Tags” steps you can keep the defaults. So we’ll skip ahead to “review and create.”

Here we’ll see an overview of our previous selections and finish up by clicking “create.”

From the popup, you’ll want to download the private key and when everything is done correctly we can see the deployment is in progress. This should be pretty fast, but we’ll time travel forward where we can see the deployment was successful.

We’ll pin it to the dashboard and click “go to resource.”

Now you’ll want to navigate to the “connect” tab for instructions on how to SSH into your provisioned VM.

Open up a terminal window, go to the location where you downloaded the private key, and follow the instructions.

The first thing we’ll do is change permissions on the private key file that was downloaded.

Executing the command “Chmod 400” on the key file ensures it has the correct permissions required by the system for use.

The next thing we’ll do is SSH into the VM using the private key. You can copy the command from the Connect page or type”

“ssh dash ‘i’” followed by the key file and then follow that up with the “azure user” IP address specified on the “Connect” page.

I set up mine earlier, but if this is your first time, you may need to approve it by responding “yes” and then you’ll be in.

The last thing we’ll go over is installing the access point on your VM.

To do that we’ll navigate to:

Your TripleBlind customer success manager will have provided you with your login credentials and onboarding information.

Once logged in you’ll see two options, setup a server and setup your access point. Since you have already provisioned a VM,  we can click “Setup Your Access Point” and we’ll use this guide to finish setup.

First, we see minimum requirements, but since we provisioned our VM through the marketplace we already meet these requirements.

We’ll copy the command to download  the CLI, paste in the terminal window where you have SSH’d into the VM, and execute it, which installs the admin setup tool.

Next, we’ll do the same to install the  Validation Server, which verifies we have an appropriately sized VM available.

Once the Validation Server is installed, we can select “Review Validation.”

Upon review we can see the validation shows everything is green, so we’ll head back over to the setup guide.

There are a few more configurations at this point for various things like using a custom domain, enabling additional capabilities that we offer, and/or enabling verbose setup.

But for this demo we’ll keep it simple and run the Access Point setup command.

This will take a few minutes so using movie magic we’ll fast forward to the end.

And that’s it. You are now set up with a TripleBlind Access Point which allows you to explore assets, position your own assets, create new processes, and begin combining data and algorithms while preserving privacy and enforcing compliance.

Thank you so much for following along with our Azure Marketplace setup demo.

For questions or inquiries about TripleBlind go to our website at, or email us at

See you next time!