TripleBlind, Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

Hi. I’m Anissa Kahn, Software Engineer at TripleBlind, and today I’m excited to announce that TripleBlind is available to all AWS Marketplace users.

Enterprises can now leverage TripleBlind to derive more intellectual property value from your data and algorithms.

In this video I’ll walk you through how to install a TripleBlind Access Point.

Let’s get started.

From the AWS Marketplace home page, we’ll search for “TripleBlind” and click the “30 Day Evaluation” for this demo.

Here you’ll see a description of our offering, as well as videos and materials that go into more detail about TripleBlind and how our solution works.

We’ll click “Subscribe” in the top-right corner.

The next page will present our standard licensing agreement. Make sure to hit “Accept Terms”.

Once AWS Marketplace processes your request, you’ll transition to this page. We’ll go ahead and click “Continue to Configuration”.

Next, you’ll select a fulfillment option, software version, and region.

Feel free to check out our release notes by clicking on this link at the bottom.

After you’ve selected configuration settings, you’ll want to click “Continue to Launch” at the top-right corner.

Here, you’ll want to click on the “Usage Instructions” button.

Click on this registration link, which will open a new page.

Here, you’ll want to fill out your name, company name, company email, phone number, and job title. Click “Submit” once you’ve filled out all the fields.

Congrats. You’ve successfully registered for TripleBlind.

Now you’ll return to the AWS Marketplace page for TripleBlind. On this page, you’ll be able to launch the software, as well as configure your EC2 instance type and VPC, subnet, security group, and key pair settings. 

We’ll leave the defaults for this demo. 

Once you’re done configuring, click “Launch” in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

You’ll be taken to this page, where you can view your software installation details and view your instance via the EC2 console. For this demo, we’ll click this “EC2 Console” link.

While your instance is initializing, you can click on the instance itself to read the summary.

This is what’ll pop up. From this page you should assign an Elastic IP address to the instance, which provides a static IP that persists even when the machine is stopped and restarted.

In the left navigation panel click “Elastic IP.”

Then click Allocate Elastic IP.  You have the opportunity to configure it on this next screen, but for this demo we’ll keep the defaults and click “Allocate”.

Once allocated, from the notification at the top we’ll click “Associate this Elastic IP address”  and from the “instance” dropdown we’ll select the virtual machine we just set up and click “Associate”.

It might take a moment for initialization to finalize, so in the meantime, let’s log in to TripleBlind via the URL provided by your Customer Success Manager.

Once logged in you’ll see two options, setup a server and setup your access point. We’ll click “Setup Your Access Point”.

This page will have all the instructions necessary to complete an Access Point setup. But before we do this, let’s check on the initialization process back in the AWS Marketplace.

Nice. It’s complete. Now, you’ll want to click “Connect” up in the top-right corner.

You’ll want to click on “SSH Client” and follow the instructions listed in the Marketplace. 

Run the chmod command first, and then change the copied command to login with “ubuntu” instead of “root.” Make sure to copy the SSH command and paste it into the terminal window.

Next, head back to TripleBlind. We’ll copy the command to download the CLI and paste it in the terminal window.

We’ll do the same to install the Validation Server, which verifies we have an appropriately sized VM available.

Once the Validation Server is installed, we can select “Review Validation”.

Upon review we can see the validation shows everything is green, so we’ll head back over to the setup guide. If the state isn’t green yet, try refreshing your browser.

There are a few more configurations at this point for various things like using a custom domain, enabling additional capabilities that we offer, and/or enabling verbose setup.

But for this demo we’ll keep it simple and run the “Access Point Setup Command”.

This may take a few minutes so we’ll hop in our DeLorean and head to the future.

And that’s it. You are now set up with a TripleBlind Access Point which allows you to explore assets, position your own assets, create new processes, and begin combining data and algorithms while preserving privacy and ensuring compliance.

Thank you so much for following along with our AWS Marketplace setup demo.

For questions or inquiries about TripleBlind go to our website at, or email us at

See you next time.