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TripleBlind at Work: Mayo Clinic

Nearly a year ago, we announced our collaboration with Mayo Clinic and first demonstrated the potential of applying TripleBlind’s solution to accelerate how we develop, test, and deploy AI solutions in healthcare. 

Today, AI model developers at Mayo Clinic are working with eight hospitals across Europe, India and Israel using EKG data subject to various data privacy laws ranging in strictness. They have found that TripleBlind makes collaboration faster, easier and much cheaper, as no Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is exposed, and no manual de-identification is needed outside of TripleBlind’s automatic Blind De-Identification. The process of integrating TripleBlind with Mayo Clinic’s technology was seamless, as IT departments only needed to establish one connection with TripleBlind for each counterparty.

The collaboration utilizes TripleBlind’s novel approach to distributed artificial intelligence model training and inference, called Blind Learning. This technology was invented to allow models to be trained on datasets distributed across multiple parties who are unwilling or unable (due to privacy laws) to send the data to one centralized location where the model training occurs.

The new solution enables all the data being used for training to never be moved, yet it is still usable by data scientists, while enforcing the appropriate privacy regulations, including HIPAA, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the strictest of data localization policies. Through this collaboration with Mayo Clinic, we’ve proven that TripleBlind allows multiple parties to collaborate in real time using real data without incurring significant speed or computational costs.

When data can be used without moving it or exposing the raw underlying information, the process of training AI models on distributed datasets becomes much simpler, faster, and cheaper. From saving intense data cleaning steps, to reduced legal process burden and liability, the benefits extend beyond making current processes easier to unlocking new opportunities to use globally sourced data.

Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic is just the start. For more information about how TripleBlind serves the healthcare industry, watch this short video. If you’re interested in TripleBlind, email us at contact@tripleblind.com to learn how we can unlock privacy for you and schedule a free demo.


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