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TripleBlind at Work: Alternative Data

Alternative data is increasingly valuable as many ​​banks and credit unions work with Alt Data like geolocation, IOT, satellite imagery, and ESG data to make informed investing decisions. But, with stricter data regulations, enterprises need to ensure that the data being used will not cause any increase in risk and liability. 

Use Case: How TripleBlind helps firms work with alternative data

TripleBlind works with investment companies to enhance the role of data in their service. With our Virtual Private Data Sharing Solution, investors can process data as they do today, without human analysts seeing it. There’s no additional risk or liability for either party involved; plus, investors are more likely to get access to the most impactful datasets.

Unlike synthetic data or differential privacy, models and algorithms operate on real data, resulting in a more accurate analysis without bias. Unlike manual masking, expensive anonymization steps can be skipped before processing data. The implication is that data like credit card transactions, geolocation, email receipts, point-of-sale transactions, web usage, and mobile app usage data can be used seamlessly and with the utmost privacy built in.

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With TripleBlind, investors become equipped with better investing insights and gain access to new data previously unavailable due to privacy and trust concerns.


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