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TripleBlind Welcomes Sam Abadir as its Director of Partnerships

We’re excited to announce that Sam Abadir has joined TripleBlind as its new Director of Partnerships! Abadir will be working with TripleBlind’s partners as well as helping customers understand the value of sharing data in ways that weren’t possible before. 

“We’re honored to have Sam Abadir join us, having over two decades of knowledge in risk management,” said TripleBlind CEO Riddhiman Das. “Under his guidance, we hope to expand our partnership network to allow enterprises to collaborate in ways that were once unimaginable but are now necessary for the future of trust.”

Abadir has over a decade of consulting experience in the software solutions space. Prior to joining TripleBlind, he worked for NAVEX Global, offering integrated risk and compliance management software and services. He has dedicated his career to educating the world on governance, risk and compliance, and helping organizations use the data and content around them to better manage risk.

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Sam Abadir, Director of Partnerships

“I’m excited to join the TripleBlind team. Having spent years working with different companies managing risk and data sharing, TripleBlind’s solution is innovative and unlocks a lot of opportunities for companies to solve problems better while still ethically protecting data,” said Abadir.