Constellation Research Report: TripleBlind - A Lateral Approach to Privacy-Enhanced Data Sharing

TripleBlind Makes an “Elegant and Easily Verified” Data Privacy Promise

Constellation Research recently published a report analyzing TripleBlind’s solution, and validating an independent analysis of TripleBlind and other cybertechnologies completed by MITRE Engenuity in February 2022. “TripleBlind: a Lateral Approach to Privacy-Enhanced Data Sharing” is now available on the TripleBlind and Constellation Research websites.

Steve Wilson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research and the author of the report, finds that “TripleBlind is shifting the paradigm in privacy-enhancing technology for research data sharing” and “makes an elegant and easily verified privacy promise.”

The full report outlines the need for privacy-enhancing technologies (PET), explores the current state of PET, and identifies how TripleBlind compares to other methods of privacy-enhancing computation (PEC). In analyzing methods of PEC, Wilson notes:

  • “TripleBlind is a leader in the relatively new and fast-evolving category of privacy-enhanced computation (PEC).”
  • Alternative PEC technologies such as homomorphic encryption, statistical perturbation or pseudonymization can be “complex and fragile.”
  • While TripleBlind allows all data to remain localized within the customers’ own networks, other PEC technologies that copy data to an intermediate clean room for hosted analysts “challenge data localization policies.”
  • TripleBlind’s “architecture is simple and there is … no interference with any of the raw data, unlike in the case of homomorphic encryption or differential privacy.”
  • “Privacy-enhancing computation is still taking shape as a category within the broad field of privacy- enhancing technologies and data protection as a service. TripleBlind is poised to be a leader and could shift expectations of privacy in data analytics.“


Simply put, Wilson said, “TripleBlind’s award-winning research-driven solutions may help shift the paradigm in a highly risk-averse environment by enabling organizations to share analytic outcomes instead of sharing data.”

In February 2022, MITRE Engenuity analyzed TripleBlind and other cybertechnologies by delineating synthetic use cases that approximated the major types of studies performed in observational research or pragmatic clinical trials over the past year. MITRE then created a list of features its team believed necessary to evaluate each technology against each use case; four features that were mandatory and five that were desirable. It also identified two business related-metrics that gauged technology readiness and cost of deployment. 

The Constellation report confirms MITRE Engenuity’s findings that TripleBlind met all four of the mandatory requirements, three of the four desired requirements and partially met two additional desired requirements. In terms of technological readiness, TripleBlind scored as fully operational and low cost in terms of operations and maintenance. 

The Constellation Research report is the third analyst report this year that has featured TripleBlind’s solution, showing an increased interest in PET and validating TripleBlind’s eminence in this space.

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