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TripleBlind Joins the Snowflake Technology Partner Program, Supplements Innovative Cloud Security Infrastructure with Private Data Sharing

Recently, we announced our partnership with BC Platforms and we’re excited to build on that momentum with our latest announcement. We officially partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to empower joint customers to run TripleBlind’s API-driven virtual exchange solution that enables data owned by one enterprise to run specific operations on data owned by another enterprise, on Snowflake’s platform.

Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform allows businesses or technology professionals to get the performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability to easily load, integrate, analyze, and securely share data. It’s the ultimate solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and for securely sharing and consuming shared data. Now, when a data owner and data consumer agree to private data sharing on Snowflake’s platform, TripleBlind’s solution automatically de-identifies the data and ensures they never move outside the owner’s firewall.

The data consumer can only perform operations on the data specifically allowed by the data owner and all computations occur in the encrypted space. TripleBlind’s API-driven virtual exchange keeps intellectual property in an algorithm safe from reverse engineering attempts, while Snowflake’s secure data sharing technology means that data is never required to be moved or copied, and is up-to-date. TripleBlind’s platform is architected to natively support data sets stored in the Snowflake Data Cloud, which means customers can seamlessly integrate the solution within their instance. Read our full press release here

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