TripleBlind now available in microsoft azure marketplace

TripleBlind is Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

We are excited to announce that TripleBlind is now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure!

Through the Azure Marketplace, IT teams now have access to TripleBlind’s solution and can avoid some common barriers that inhibit utilization of their data: 


  • Legal Agreements: IT teams can utilize their existing pass through Microsoft legal agreement. Because legal teams would have already approved the existing pass, the need for supplemental reviews is eliminated.
  • Budget: Many enterprises already using Azure solutions have in place budgets for Marketplace, so no incremental budget requests are necessary to include TripleBlind’s solution.
  • Time: Although already simple to install on its own, The Azure Marketplace enables enterprises to be up and running with TripleBlind in a matter of hours versus weeks or months.


TripleBlind’s inclusion in the Azure Marketplace will accelerate collaborative data sharing among organizations around the world and will directly benefit industries that rely heavily on sharing intellectual property, like financial services and healthcare.

Screenshot of TripleBlind Azure Offering

TripleBlind’s software-only solution supports all cloud platforms and is delivered via a simple API. It’s built as a superior method compared to alternative privacy-enhancing technologies such as homomorphic encryption, synthetic data and tokenization. TripleBlind solves a broad range of use cases and unlocks the estimated 43 zettabytes of sensitive data stored by enterprises today that have been historically inaccessible due to privacy concerns.


To learn more about TripleBlind’s novel private data sharing solution or about how to get started with TripleBlind through Azure Marketplace, reach out to