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TripleBlind At Work: Use Case Series

When it comes to data collaboration, the basic goal to protect sensitive data is applicable across the board. In practice, though, collaboration looks different for each industry, resulting in different requirements for ensured privacy. For example, data augmentation between industries applies to all fields including healthcare, financial services and marketing, but healthcare clients also need the added capability to broker genetic data. Additionally, regulations applied based on industry and geography make a one-size-fits-all approach to privacy impractical.

With all these variables at play, it is natural to think that there cannot possibly be one data sharing solution that can ensure all of these needs are met. However, TripleBlind has already begun to work with key players across industries and around the world, implementing a solution which has been mathematically proven to allow insights to be gathered from private data while enabling enforced compliance with all data privacy standards through strict digital rights management.

Our most recent blog series gave insight into how TripleBlind compares to competing data sharing solutions. Over the course of our next series, we will show how TripleBlind’s superior technology works in specific, real-world healthcare and financial services collaborations from industry-leading partners Mayo Clinic, Eagle Alpha and other TripleBlind clients.

TripleBlind’s groundbreaking solution enables enterprises to collaborate around previously unusable sensitive data via one-way encryption. The ability to unlock this data using TripleBlind will allow for faster and more accurate treatment and diagnosis in healthcare and quicker,more secure safety monitoring in fintech. 

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