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Responsible Technology is Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Recently, we came across this insightful article from the World Economic Forum, “What if we get tech right?” which covers emerging technologies, but one part in particular caught our attention. Benjamin Haddad, Director of Technology Innovation at Accenture, and Algirde Pipikaite, Lead, Strategic Initiatives for the Centre for Cybersecurity at World Economic Forum stressed the importance of designing data architecture embedded with privacy and security. Today, we often rely on ethics when it comes to data compliance, putting too much personal information at risk. But as we move closer and closer to data liquidity, laws are being proposed to control and protect sensitive data. 

At TripleBlind, developing advanced mathematics to create an entirely new, comprehensive and streamlined approach to data privacy is our reason for being. TripleBlind’s cryptographic digital rights management allows fine-grained control of data and algorithm interactions with cryptographic consent needed for every operation. We never decrypt or copy the data and algorithms, meaning everyone involved, including data scientists or TripleBlind ourselves, never see the raw data and algorithms. Everything remains confidential and secure without losing the valuable assets of the data itself.

“This political debate over data residency is expected to gain as much importance as the one on foreign ownership of a country’s sovereign debt.”

TripleBlind also allows computations to be done on enterprise-wide global data while enforcing data residency regulations. We know data residency laws vary from country to country and keeping track and maintaining compliance is difficult and costly. TripleBlind enables convenient access to global data silos, all while maintaining compliance with even the strictest of data laws. 

As we head toward a future where big data is going to be key to unlocking countless advancements and insights, we have to put the privacy and security of that data first. TripleBlind is at the forefront of addressing this issue and we will continue to set the industry standard for data sharing. To keep up to date with us, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!