On the Radar: TripleBlind enables secure data sharing for third-party processing Omdia

Omdia Research Report Calls TripleBlind PET “Attractive to Customers Large and Small”

Omdia, the research arm of Informa, owner of multiple technology media, events and research organizations, recently published a profile of TripleBlind, titled, “On the Radar: TripleBlind Enables Secure Data for Third-Party Processing.” The report is available on Omdia’s and our websites.

Rik Turner, principal analyst, Emerging Technologies and author of the report, offered several valuable insights: 

  • “This issue (data collaboration) has arisen of late because analysis of big datasets can achieve unique insights, that is, ones that analysis of smaller datasets simply cannot surface. This is particularly important in certain fields such as healthcare, where the analysis of the data of millions of patients can indicate general trends in an entire population or in particular demographic groups.”
  • Turner adds that TripleBlind’s solution is complementary to confidential computing “in that it can deliver the encryption/anonymization capability that confidential computing itself does not.” He notes that TripleBlind is also complementary to differential privacy.
  • “Healthcare is the place where third-party analytics delivered on securely private data has so far generated the most immediate interest. That said, tech such as TripleBlind’s is clearly relevant elsewhere as its financial services customers demonstrate.” 


The report goes on to highlight TripleBlind’s innovation when comparing the company’s privacy-enhancing technologies (PET) to other solutions:

  • Homomorphic encryption “tends to be quite slow and is very compute intensive. There are also academic debates about whether homomorphic encryption is quantum-resistant.”
  • Confidential computing “does not address the issue of data anonymization and is hardware dependent.”
  • Differential privacy “like homomorphic encryption, cannot operate on audio or video files.”


Omdia notes that partnerships with Accenture and Mayo Clinic are “important signs of progress” and cited TripleBlind’s availability on the AWS and Azure marketplaces.

A final comment from the report: “TripleBlind addresses many of the shortcomings of other approaches to data privacy for third-party processing. Its pricing mechanism, which factors in the size of the company, makes it attractive to customers large and small …”

Be sure to check out the full report to learn more about how TripleBlind can enable private data collaboration. Contact us today to schedule a free demo!