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Gartner® Names TripleBlind a 2021 Cool Vendor in Privacy

This week, TripleBlind announced it has been named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s October 2021 Cool Vendors in Privacy report. In the report, Gartner analysts evaluated vendors that support extensible privacy programs and how their privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) techniques affect data collaboration for users. 

“New technologies are emerging that promise a “win-win” proposition for organizations seeking to respect the privacy rights of individuals while using data for information sharing, advanced cross-entity analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) modeling,” states the report.

About TripleBlind specifically, the report states: 

“PEC (privacy-enhancing computation) techniques will be relevant in clinical trials and general healthcare, finance, insurance, parts and supply chain management, algorithm licensing and digital rights management. These can be aided by separate tools from potentially different vendors, or through singular suites like TripleBlind.”

TripleBlind being named a Cool Vendor comes on the heels of announcing both $24 million in Series A funding and a new partnership with Eagle Alpha, showing strong momentum for TripleBlind, and highlighting companies’ increased interest surrounding data collaboration via TripleBlind’s private data sharing solution.

“Being recognized as a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor is another major milestone in solidifying our position as offering the superior technology to enable enterprises to share the estimated 43ZB of data that are not commercialized today due to regulatory concerns,” said Riddhiman Das, TripleBlind’s co-founder and CEO. “Sharing data assets is quickly becoming critical to sustained, long-term growth for businesses in every industry, including healthcare and finance in particular. Providing enterprises with a solution that allows them to collaborate while concurrently enforcing data privacy and regulatory standards could not be more important at this point in time.” 

We have many more exciting announcements in the pipeline, so be sure to keep up-to-date with TripleBlind on our website, Twitter or LinkedIn. If you are interested in learning more about TripleBlind’s efficient and cost-effective data privacy solution, contact us today for a free demo by emailing or visiting https://hc.tripleblind.comcontact/.