“Doubt Delivered” – WhatsApp Data Privacy Campaign

Football season always brings an array of exciting and thought-provoking TV ads, usually selling consumers the newest beverage or cell phone plan. Data privacy is not often a center of focus for these advertisements. However, WhatsApp introduced this topic in its first U.S. ad campaign, “Doubt Delivered,” during the AFC Championship Game.

In the video, a mailman delivers packages and letters that have been opened. The receivers are upset that their privacy has been breached, and he explains that sending unencrypted text messages is the same as sending mail opened for everyone to read. WhatsApp employs end-to-end encryption, meaning messages sent via the app remain private even to the service provider. 

This analogy can also be applied to data sharing across all industries. Without private data sharing, data owners’ sensitive data is left vulnerable to attacks or misuse from both data users and outside parties during collaboration. Similar to WhatsApp, TripleBlind facilitates one-way encryption, which allows all attributes of the data to be used without the possibility of reconstruction or re-identification while only allowing the data to be used for its intended purpose. TripleBlind’s software-only solution never sees the data, and no raw data leaves the data owner’s firewall.

Peer-to-peer data collaboration, no raw data leaves the owners firewall

Privately sharing and commercializing intellectual property allows companies to garner better data analysis and ensure compliance with all data privacy regulations around the world. Because like the video says, privacy is important!

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